Translr(Original Transdr), A Brand New And Popular Trans Dating App


What is Transdr?

Transdr is a brand new dating app which aims at helping trans single people find and build a serious or casual relationship with like minded people. The most notable thing about this app is that it's totally committed to transgender dating. Here, you are able to find people interested in every aspect and every kind of trans dating. Under the same roof and in the same place, all of you can feel free to do what you have been expecting for a long time.

Transdr is not only a simple app which gives you the great opportunity to find the perfect dating partners. It also a community where you can meet lots of people who share the same interests and desires with you. And you can contact, communicate and make friends with people who are open minded and free spirit just like you. What amazes trans singles most about Transdr is the friendliness the people in the community treat each other. This is not a place where people don't understand you and judge you or laugh at you. It is a place where people are willing to share desires and join your fantasies.

What kind of people and community?

This community contains all kinds of trans people in the world. Right from crossdressers to transgenders, all of them are coming to Transdr and want to find a meaningful relationship. The best way to experience the best Transdr is spending time to use this popular ts dating app. Transdr is available to Apple Store. And it is easy to install and use. The first step you need to do is searching the app and then create your account. You need to do is adding some basic information and requirements of expected partner. Once you have set up, you are ready to experience an exciting and different world.

Transdr has a beautiful and clean interface where you can view the profiles of the people match your requirements and people interested in you. What you should do to select the right people is swiping them left or right as per your requirements and preferences. If you don't find any profiles satisfied you, then you can use the filters to modify the search results and you can find better and more potential matches. When a match is found, you will be notified and you are allowed to chat with him freely. If you find him/her is quite in tune with you, you can move on to set the arrangements outside the app.

Is it worth?

To be honest, Transdr will not limit anyone to anything. It allows all kinds of people who are truly interested in trans date to be listed and searched. So it is a safe place for you to release your idea and fantasies. All of people have their own certain desires which cannot be fullfil in daily life. This is why you need the Transdr. This is an app which is worth every minute you spend on.