My love story on Translr


My cousin loves to try some exciting physical activity that turns me on. It is my long-term experience to meet the opposite sex through the introduction of friends. I met a hot guy while skating with a friend who was fun to talk to and had a unique perspective. 

When I told him I was a trans girl, he didn't care. However, I controlled my feelings and didn't confess. When I was 26, I learned that gender shouldn't be a barrier to love, but I had lost touch with him. 

By chance I downloaded and used the Trans dating app Translr. On the Nearby page, I found the one I like! It's really cool because it's such a surprise and full of chance. After I sent him Say Hi message,he couldn't believe that we would meet again. I haven't forgotten him since we've been apart all these years. 

I know I am lucky to use this app and find love again. Not many people can do this. I want to thank Translr for giving me chance. 

Therefore, I choose to promote Translr on IG and here.