Why You Can't Find the Right One in Trans Dating

 As a trans person, you've search on many trans dating sites for many months, and still can't find the right one. You may start to think that you are not charming enough, or you the dating site is not a great dating platform for you. Now you need to stop doubting yourself and the dating platform, what you need to do is to find out the real reason why you can't meet the right one. Here are some possible reasons for alternative.

Dwell on the past memories

You've broken up with your ex boyfriend or girlfriend for a long time, but you still cannot totally forget that relationship. Most of your memories dwell on the past. You may still think that your ex is the best one. Don't live in the past memories, you need to meet new people and start a new life. You can memorize the old days, but never dwell in the past. Have you ever think about the reason of your dating failure? Perhaps it only because you don't want to move on from the past, you are not brave to accept new people and new life.

No connection after the first date

I've met many transgender people and cisgender people who don't know how to keep a connection with girls after the first date. Everything is going perfect on the date, but it doesn't mean you can have a successful date. A successful date main depend on close connection after the first date. Many people ask me why their tranny date partner don't follow up after the first date? I hope you are not the one of them. It's a waste of time you don't keep connection with your partner.

For most girls, if the men don't connect them for a long time, it mean he doesn't like her, and it's time for her to find someone else. Being rejected in a dating never mean you are not attractive, it only means you didn't meet the right one.

Don't ask for too much

You may make a long list of what your life partner should be. After several times of dating failure, you need to know that don't ask your partner for too much. You are not a perfect person, so don't expect too much on your future life partner, because no one is perfect in the world. However, it doesn't mean no requirements and principles. You need to keep a possible expectation rate. If no one can meet your requirement, you need to lower your standard.

Devote yourself to your career

Nowadays, many young people are married to their career. They devote their whole life to their career, and never pay much attention to their emotional life. Finally, it may become a barrier of your dating. If you want to find someone to have a long-term relationship, you need to spend time to communicate with her. Career is very important, but life needs carefully management. You need to try your best to keep balance between work and life.