Love Yourself before Developing a TS Dating Relationship

We often tell our family, friends and loved ones that I love you. But how many of us would say love to ourselves? We are always busy loving others everyday, but often neglect ourselves. In fact, the first object we should love is ourselves. Only when we love ourselves and affirm our value can we play a greater role in the society. This is particularly important for trans single women, because their tragic experiences have led to the fact that few of people can love them except themselves. That's why trans single women want to find a partner as soon as possible and have a trans single dating life. But in my opinion, rather than place our love on others, we should love ourselves first. When you affirm your value and take good care of yourself, your partner will respect you more. Therefore, before joining a kinky dating website, transgender women should first learn how to love themselves. However, many trans single women fail to do so. In fact, there are three reasons why they do not understand the importance of self-love.

  • They think self-love is equal to narcissism

Perhaps you haven't thought about how much discrimination transsexuals face in society. Their trans dating identity always brings them a lot of bad comments. Therefore, in order to prevent more harm to themselves, ts date people are always in a self-protection. In order not to offend others, they learned to respect others, to tolerate others and to please others, even in the case of self-depreciation. In this way, transgender women have been living in other people's world, but forget how to love themselves.

They may mistake self-love for narcissism. In fact, this is not the case. Self-love is to protect oneself from being bullied by others and not to belittle the value of one's own existence. Narcissism is the belief that you are the best person in the world, that you are superior to others, and so on. It is very important for trans hookup women to learn to love themselves.

  • They think one’s value is associate with one’s earning

You may often hear that transgender women encounter a lot of discrimination in their lives, but it's also true at work. It is difficult for transgender people to make progress in their work, and it is also difficult for them to find a satisfying and decent job. That is to say, their income is not considerable. Some transgender people equate their value with their income. Because of their low income, they feel that they have little value. Therefore, they cannot take good care of themselves. Actually, being kind to yourself in material terms is only one aspect. The first thing you have to do is not deny your value.

  • Their unpleasant past influences their thoughts

If you live in a warm environment, when everyone around you is kind to you, then you will love yourself. But when people around you belittle you and disagree with your values, their actions may affect your thoughts and make you mistake yourself for being unworthy of love. Therefore, you will also forget to love yourself. When you cannot affirm yourself, people around you will look down on you even more. This is a negative circle.