6 effective ways to boost transgender women's energy

You are a strong, smart, and motivated grindr trans woman. You excel in your career as a go-getter and doer. You've honed your masculine energy to help you take control, but you find yourself exhausted, exhausted, and out of balance. This is because your female and male energies are out of balance. You see, all of us(men and transgender women) need to balance our female and male energy, but as career-driven trans women, we often put transgender women's energy on the back burner.

Why is female energy so important in our love lives? It helps ignite attraction in men and enhances your clarity and confidence. Incorporating your femininity is as easy as practicing your "CHARMS," a powerful acronym I've created to help you boost your feminine energy in transgender dating.

C stands for Create

When we let the creative process run its course, creativity fuels our female energy. To be creative is to give up perfection and control because we are not attached to the end result. We care about our ability to express ourselves. Practice creativity by creating out of noting or expressing yourself through art.

H strands for Having fun

Many of transgender women I spoke to wanted a fun life, but when I asked them how they were doing, I heard crickets chirping!! Transgender women have an attraction, she loves her life, has fun, laughs and smiles. Her energy is infectious. You want to be with her. You want to enjoy life with her.

A stands for Allowing

A transgender woman uses her feminine energy to have the ability to allow others in and accept others. She doesn't have to do everything by herself. She knows when to ask for help and when to step back and let others help her tranny date. At work, at home, with loved ones, you can ask for permission and help.

R stands for Relax

To relax is to let go and live in the moment. To-do lists, emails, or notifications are not allowed to interfere with simplicity. When we are able to relax and live in the moment, we are able to connect with everything around us in a more profound way. Choose your favorite relaxation method, from meditation to massage, and do it for 30 minutes today.

M strands for Move

Exercise creates fluidity between your mind and your body. It keeps you connected to your body and keeps your sane. It also serves our need to keep healthy. Biologically, men are attracted to a healthy transgender woman with whom they can have children. Don't think of it as a need to be thin and healthy. It's a need to be healthy enough to run around and "practice" having children even after you've passed this point in your life.

S stands for Share

Sharing is the starting point for vulnerability. By sharing our truth and ourselves in a true way, your feminine energy is painful, liberating, and capable of sustaining. By sharing with other transgender women in your life, you cultivate your femininity and it becomes easier for you do share with men.